Reviews of Science Myths Unmasked

“My husband, a public high school chemistry and biology teacher, is wholeheartedly aligned with this particular opinion of Feynman and Rudel and for many years, has not used a textbook to teach science. When I asked why, he simply stated, “They just confuse the kids…
In the Science Myths Unmasked series, a great number scientific factoids and processes that are often misrepresented in the classroom are correctly explained, and in great detail.”
-Jeanne Garbarino
Biology Editor
Double X Science Blog
(Review of Volumes 1 & 2)

“I’ve changed a few classroom practices, finally have a grip on wave theory, and hope to pass the book along like a Gideon Bible. But I’ll have to buy extra copies to do that–I’m not letting go of this one.”
-Mr. Doyle
Science Teacher
Science Teacher Blog
(Review of Volume 2)

“So when David Rudel, editor of the excellent ExploreLearning site (home of the awesome science Gizmos) asked me to review his book Science Myths Unmasked, I couldn’t wait to check it out. I have to say I was not disappointed, in fact I would have written this review sooner but I was enjoying the book too much to stop…
I must admit there were a couple of times in Rudel’s book where I thought, “Oh that’s why, that never made sense before!” I too have misconceptions that I have explained away and it has been a great week to reaffirm and test my own understanding of Physics.”
Broken Airplane Education Blog
(Review of Volumes 1 & 2)

“It is the perfect companion for any science teacher who wants to expand their curriculum and not be held hostage by the textbook publishers….Phenomenal Book!”
review by Geneva Baker
Creator of The Science Queen educational resource page.
(Review of Volume 2)

“I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s a gem. ”
-Dr. Stephanie Chasteen,
Physicist and science education blogger at Science Geek Girl
(Review of Volume 1)


“I was impressed by the author’s clarity in dealing with misconceptions.”
-Christine Carmichael
-Associate Professor of Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Woodbury College
(Review of Volume 1)


“A fine and useful addition to any science educator’s library, particularly in the upper primary to high school years.”
-Noelene Wood
Retired Teacher serving on Science Education Review Editorial Review Board.
(Remarks on preview samples)


“Mr. Rudel has used clear examples of science misconceptions and presented the actual science concepts in a clear and concise manner.”
-Don Densmore, 5th Grade Science Teacher
Waco Independent School District
(Remarks on preview samples)